Implementing EOS®

If you've already decided to implement EOS® in your company to clarify, simplify, and achieve your vision, you are probably wondering how to get started. To make things crystal clear for you, we will share three different ways to make it happen:


Hiring the services of an EOS Implementer™ means that you will have an experienced Business Coach backed by more than 100,000 success stories around the world, which will guide you step by step throughout the journey.

Also, an EOS Implementer™ will ensure that your leadership team gains the discipline necessary to execute on your vision. If you want results as quick as possible, this is the best option for you.

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Assisted Self-Implementation”

Assisted Self-Implementation is the process by which a company that doesn't have the economic capacity to hire the services of a EOS Implementer™ that introduces the tools and methodology of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

We know that many organizations, especially those in the early stages, don't have enough resources to receive professional advice from a third party, however, that is not a big enough reason for not gaining the benefits that EOS® can provide to your company, including, the acceleration it requires to grow rapidly (gain traction).

For this group of companies, we created a practical Workshop on EOS® Assisted Self-Implementation that will allow you to learn, train and implement more than 20 tools of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. This workshop has a duration of 16 hours distributed in 2 days of intense work, backed by a monthly business coaching session with Adrian J. Romero, EOS Implementer™, who will clear your doubts and help you polish your Assisted Self-Implementation skills.

EOS Virtual Workshop

Train your entire team, at every level, in the EOS system so that you can accelerate its adoption process, by enrolling in our 99 dollar per person online course.

We highly recommend this course even if we are doing a pure implementation together or you are doing an assisted self-implementation. It will skyrocket your organization into the EOS world and its benefits.

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